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David Price & Co.



Powers of Attorney

Tel: 01296 612955


Without a will, your estate will not necessarily go to whom you wish, yet research indicates that two-thirds of adults in the UK have not made a will.

Call or e-mail me for more details and to make sure you are not one of them!

Tel: 01296 612955

Consider the following scenarios of what would happen to your estate if you had left no will:

  • You are married or in a Civil Partnership and have children. Some of your estate may pass immediately to your children, not to your spouse or partner.
  • You are not married to your partner but have children. All of your estate will pass to your children and your partner may have to make a formal legal claim against the estate for financial support.
  • You are not married to your partner and have no children, but one or both of your parents is still alive. Everything will pass to your parent(s) and again your partner may have to make a formal claim for support.
  • If you have no close relatives, everything will pass to distant relatives, some of whom you may never have met, and if you have no blood relatives at all, everything will go to the Government!

Making a will is crucial if you have children under the age of 18 because, if you do not appoint guardians for them in a will, the decision who they live with is entirely in the hands of the Courts and Social Services.

Let me help you make sure your estate passes to the people you really want it to benefit.

Charges: Simple Will £99 "Mirror" Wills for you and your partner £175